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Fund Raisers
An event that has an important purpose. With RSI event planners and musical artists we can help bring in the largest amount of funds possible.

Retirement Banquets
An event well deserved by a person. This event needs all the bells and whistles and RSI is a perfect match to get the best job done.

Sporting Events
An event that can be hard to prep for because it can be any day, time, or season and the host normally wants to attend the event. But RSI is flexible and has availability anytime and the capabilities to have an outstanding event.

An occasion that requires diverse food, music, locations, decorations, and games that would require an event specialist that RSI can provide. And a secondary plan due to weather conditions.

Anniversary Occasion
A marker in two peoples lives of loyalty and appreciation for the years of hard work and love that has allowed them to come to this point in their relationship. A well deserved planned event by RSI is a perfect way to show family members or friends that someone notices their undying devotion.

People want to remember their special day by having the people, food, music, place they like in honor of celebrating their birthday. It could be planned or a surprise from age 1 year to 100 years. RSI is capable of providing a birthday dream celebration for any age group.

The ultimate event! One that has to be perfect! No flaws allowed! The event takes detailed organization with perfection in mind. This once in a lifetime event is important and the two people involved should feel at ease and able to enjoy the planning of such an event. Allow RSI specialists to provide you and yours with trustworthy service.

Most parents want this accomplishment to be rewarded and to find ways to show that they are proud and excited for their child’s future. There is no better way than celebration with family and friends. RSI can provide an unforgettable graduation celebration for that special child.

A meeting of long lost friends who shared some of the most important times of their lives together. A time to reunite and see where the paths lead each other and to make new memories, this is an event that requires RSI’s knowledge of music and years gone past.

Company Banquets
Are events held throughout the year to show appreciation to its loyal employees. There is a number of details that cannot be missed, number of years served, speakers, awards etc. RSI is the perfect provider for such an event because of the detailed one on one service.

A day or evening together with family and friends prior to an extraordinary event. Should have the best planned event starting with the music and followed by laughter, dancing, and memorable fun.

Children’s Events
An event that caters to children’s imagination. RSI can provide children games, balloons, decorations, music, food, face painting, etc… The event could be easier of the parents and more enjoyable to have some help.

College Events
Whether it is a formal banquet or a sorority/fraternity/club social. RSI can work out the details for a special event. RSI is experienced in providing exceptional DJ’s for college events.

Holiday Occasions
All holidays are time for celebration. They allow families and friends time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. With music and other services available at RSI we can make it as relaxing or outrageous as you require.

Special Events
RSI can plan, help, or provide and services or just direction information for any event.